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This post was originally published on THRIVING IN CHRIST Steve’s devotional blog in October 2008. (C) by Stephen Dunn.

This painting, entitled “Love”, is the work of Richard and Frances Hook. It has hung in every office that I have occupied since 1975. It is a powerful image of Christ that I have been drawn to since the very first time I saw it.

A number of years ago I took it from its perch on my office wall into the sanctuary to use it as an objective lesson for my children’s sermon. I wanted to talk to the children about how God loves children and to the adults (who are always listening to a children’s sermon) about the simple trust that characterizes the faith of a child.

Attempting to engage the children in a dialogue, I held up the painting and asked, “Who is this a picture of?” Five year old, blond-haired Lailah raised her hand knowingly. Her answer, “It’s Pastor Steve and Jesus.” I started to correct her and then was struck with the discernment of her words. It is exactly who it is. I am a child of God and the foundation of my life is the knowledge that Jesus loves me. The essence of my faith is that I face the world (now at age 58) with the assurance that I am secure in the arms of Christ Who gave His life for me. I trust Him because I have no doubt–God loves me.

The verse that comes to my mind is this–paraphrasing John 17, “He has loved us from the foundation of the world.”



  1. Hello Pastor Steve – Do you know the year this picture was painted? I also have a print and a huge story behind it. Also, does the little boy to the right of Jesus resemble you as a child? Is that why Lailah identified you?

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