A on-line Bible study group … you are welcome to join us

About Biblical Joy

Biblical Joy is an on-line small group of the Church of God of Landisville.  We are an inductive Bible study with all the features of that kind of group except that we are not sitting in the same room, studying at the same time. Although each member of the group has a personal translation of the Bible, our common translation is the Voice: Reader’s New Testament. You can find out more about this translation in an early post in our archives.

This group study is written by our Lead Pastor, Dr. Steve Dunn, who serves as the administrator for this blog.

Any person is welcome to join in this study. We are not, however, an anonymous group. We ask you to subscribe to this blog as a way of identifying yourself. We do not make your full name public nor any personal data unless you reveal it in your comments.

You are also free to follow this Bible study by simply linking: and, of course, we encourage you to do the study. If you wish to comment you can email Steve at and we will share that common if you desire and it is appropriate. Otherwise you can simply ask your questions of Steve.

You can also check out our church at our website listed under links.


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