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“God can testify how I long for all of you with the affection of Christ.” – 1:8b


Have you ever cared so much for someone that you thought of them all the time when you were apart? What would be the nature of a relationship characterized by such a longing?


As we looked at the opening verses of chapter one we heard these things about the Philippians:


1. They have been partners in the Gospel


2. That partnership has been from the very beginning of their relationship


3. A good work has begun in them


4. It is a work that God intends to bring to completion.


5. The Philippians have shared in God’s grace with Paul


6. He thinks of them in every situation


What does Paul mean here by affection, particularly the affection of Christ? The NIV Study Bible describes it quite well. “The deep yearning and intense compassionate love exhibited by Jesus himself and now fostered in Paul by his union with Christ. This affection reaches out to all impartially and without exception.”


This is what we aspire to-to be so transformed by God’s love that we love people in the same way Christ has loved us.


What are your thoughts on these observations?



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  1. It is always a mysterious, beautiful and awe-inspiring feeling to see a person used by God to minister to someone in need. One of the “fruits of the Spirit” is love. All we do, should be done with the love that is overflowing out of our lives. Sadly, we are humans, and from time to time drop away from God, giving satan an opportunity to wiggle his way into our life and distract us. This is why we need to pray for one another and encourage one another. If Paul had Facebook, he would have been posting encouraging posts all the time!! 🙂

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