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We received this comment from Tim Clutter, one of the long-distance participants in Biblical Joy.  Thought it was worth a post:

You state the following in your email post “Peter is writing to a

people who are engaged in the front line of mission, carrying on the

choseness of Israel into the Gentile world, where they will help

reconcile people to God. Peter does not envision quiet Christians who

blend into the culture.  1 Peter 3:15 reminds them that they will be

people on influence and witness, preparing fertile ground for the

Gospel to be planted.” What percentage of “church goers” are “engaged

in the front line of mission” & promote the “choseness of Israel” & are

“reconciling people to God” & “do not blend into the culture” &

“influence and witness”? Isn’t this the bottom line problem with the

“church” today? There are very few “disciples” handing out the fish &

bread while all the rest of the “pew fillers” wait on the fish &

bread to be handed to them.


One Response to “ARE WE ON MISSION TODAY?”

  1. Frankly, the term “pew fillers” turned me off when I was active in church, teaching Sunday School, serving on commissions, attending a small group. It seems to me that “pew filler” is defined as an individual who shows up on Sunday mornings but presumably does nothing to be “Jesus with skin on” after the benediction. This perception seems right in line with the guy in Penn Square who is bellering out in the name of Christianity at all the sinners within earshot. Clearly, there are individuals who are church leaders, small group leaders, who fall in their walk. Are they more worthy instruments for God than individuals who may spend hours in care of family members, neighbors, share faith at work, etc.? There is work done in the name of Christ which is not done under the auspices of a particular church. Yes, the same people often bear the weight of making things happen with a church, which is another issue.

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