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Now that we have completed James, we will move on to another study.  Ephesians will be our next book.  It has important lessons for the Church as it lives out the mission of Jesus.  It also contains some of the most powerful and useful images for ministry found in God’s Word.

A minority request was for Proverbs.  Proverbs comes from the Old Testament, something we have not tackled yet in Biblical Joy.  It also comes from a type of biblical literature known as Wisdom.  The nature of Proverbs is more verse-by-verse, therefore, making it more difficult to study systematically.  However, there are many excellent and practical teachings found here.

To accommodate this latter request we are going to do something different this round. Sunday through Thursday we will devote to Ephesians. Generally there will be 2-3 posts.

Friday and Saturday we will offer most weeks 2 studies (generally a little shorter) on specific Proverbs.  We will begin Ephesians on Monday, February 14th. We will begin Proverbs on Friday, February 18th.



  1. That sounds like a very well-thought, engaging plan.

  2. Sounds great.

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