A on-line Bible study group … you are welcome to join us


Finally at the end of our 18th week, several of us managed to get together for some fellowship, sharing prayer concerns, and doing some evaluation of our experience as an on-line Bible study.  I had wanted to do this about every 7-8 weeks but they reminded me that we had this group because most of them didn’t have time for a face-face- small group. Noting the times that some of us post discussion comments, it appears that a face-to-face will be rare.  But then, if we saw each other face-to-face, it might be scary.

By the way, we have 10 subscribed participants in this Bible study plus Steve: four men, seven ladies. (We had one more lady who dropped out). Our oldest member is in their 60s, the youngest in their early 30s. In addition, we know specifically of three more persons (all men) who are doing this study and who comment periodically to Steve or to one of you.

The biggest challenge is being a part of this group is when you fall behind more than a week. Some people then push hard to catch up and that is at times a little intense. STEVE’S ADVICE: READ THE INTERVENING PASSAGES BUT DO THE STUDY FOR THE WEEK. You can always go back and get the insights from the previous sections, but it will be easier to participate with the group if you are at least working within a week of the posts. For example: This post will be in week 19. You should be at least at week 17.

What people would like to see get better is that they’d like to see more of you post in a discussion. (Maybe if you take the advice about what to study this will be easier.) People would like to see what the less silent among you are thinking — and they would love that for which Mark is famous, “I know what this says, but I have a question.” (By the way, Mark, you are the most quoted person in the study for doing just that — you make it interesting. And they would love for you to identify things you’d like more information on rather than simply answering Steve’s questions. (He doesn’t always cover what others would have.)

We’ll have more observations and suggestions in tomorrow’s post.



  1. It seems to me that it would be desirous to have more input or comments from participants.

    I want to take this opportunity to solicit participants comments. To my knowledge none of the participants bite, snap, kick, or hit.

    I don’t run this study but I would like more comments.

  2. I would love it! Then this could be more a discussion Bible study. Thank you, Mark for COMMENTING.

  3. I also like to hear others’ ideas Mark. It really makes me think more and sometimes see a new perspective. They don’t have to be right–I know I am not always!–just sharing thoughts or how something affects you personally.

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