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Chapter Six:  Trouble Begins for the Church

As we ended the previous reading, did you note who specifically started becoming followers of Jesus Christ?  There is no doubt that these events made the church appear an even greater threat to the Jewish leaders of the Sanhedrin.

1. Read chapter 6, verses 8-15. Stephen is chosen to help feed the widows, but what else does he start doing?

2. What is the source of Stephen’s particular ministry?

3. What do you think it means to be full of grace and power?

4. Who is Stephen’s initial opposition and what do they do?  Why could they not win an argument with Stephen?

5. Since they cannot win an argument, what do these men do next? What charge do they make against Stephen?

6. When those sitting in judgment against Stephen looked at him, what did they observe?

7. Why do you think Stephen had that appearance?


2 Responses to “WEEK 17 – STEPHEN IS ARRESTED”

  1. This is in response to Steve’s question 7, why did Stephen have that radiant appearance.

    I remember several years ago at my daughters wedding. She for the full day had an especially radiant look which was out of happiness and pleasure.

    Perhaps I know the look but with Stephen it was probably the joy that he had been succeeding in his mission and that the secular “powers” needed to bring false testimony upon him. They could find nothing wrong with his preachings. In other words he got it right with the power of the Holy Spirit. That brought great contentment and peace to him.


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