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Chapter 27: Background and Questions for Understanding Matthew’s gospel is unique for the brevity of its account of Jesus’ death.

1. Read chapter 27, verses 27-56.  The account begins with the soldiers scourging Jesus, a cruel means of creating agony and helplessness before the actual execution. After this they take Jesus and head for Golgotha. What happens along the way? Why do you think they would draft someone to do this?

2. How do you think you would have felt if you were Simon? After you familiar with Ray Boltz’s famous song about Simon “Watch the Lamb” ? Click this link SIMON. It’s a powerful reflection.

3.  What happens when Jesus finally dies? What is the response of the Roman soldiers witnessing these events?

4. What does the Crucifixion of Jesus mean to you personally?


2 Responses to “WEEK 13 – THE CRUCIXION OF JESUS”

  1. What a powerful song and video!

  2. Yes, very good video. The visual always helps me to completely understand the sacrifice of God giving his only son for me…what an amazing gift of salvation!

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