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Watching Armando Galaragga today operating with humility and grace made many of us say, “He has a lot class.” He will probably be remembered more because of how he handled an obvious injustice instead of 88 pitches with no hits. Jay Mariotti has a great analysis of this on his blog.

The Governor of Michigan declared it a no-hitter. The Governor of Baseball (Commissioner Bud Selig) first says no, then equivocates implying he’s sending it to a committee. The Tigers give he a Corvette. But a whole lot of us give Armando Galaragga respect. In a world of pampered celebrities, prima donna athletes, and flip-flopping politicians, Armando is a fresh breeze of decency and integrity. He’s still human. He’s going to have days we aren’t as admiring – but today you must say, “he has a lot of class.”

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  1. I especially like the last two sentences of this –

    “He’s still human. He’s going to have days we aren’t as admiring..”

    WOW! How true this is and thank God, God knows this and is forgiving of us when we fall away from Him and are human!!!

  2. I have one of those days several times in a month. I thank God for forgiving people.

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