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Chapter 11: Questions for Reflection and Application

1. Look at verse 15, “He who has ears for the truth let him hear.” What do you think this means?  How do we get those kinds of ears?

2. What does this say to us about helping those who do not have ears for the truth understand the truth?

3. Look again at verses 28-30. How have you experienced this truth in your life? What makes this promise so important?



  1. I love verses 28-30 and often use them to remind myself where to go when I get worn out. As in any situation where we are struggling, the only way to cope or prevail is to turn to Jesus. I have had countless times where I try to keep going on with the challenges before me, just getting through. Then I remember this verse, and I remember the peace of turning to God. If I stop and spend some extra time with God, reading His Word or just listening for Him in a quiet place, it often seems like I will get even further behind. But taking that time brings a peace and clarity that enables me to tackle the challenges with a renewed strength. Also, it often opens my eyes to see priorities (His) and to stop trying to do things that won’t really make an impact. I see it as resting in His arms and recharging/redirecting myself through His will. Then, things do become lighter and easier.

  2. I appreciate Chapter 11 vs 28-30. It brings tears to my eyes every time. Like Heidi, I was stretched thin through nursing school and only God’s strength got me through it. If I would have tried to do it all on my own, I would’ve failed. I particularly remember having “prayer” before classes and tests with anyone who wanted to go to the quiet place at HACC. It gave us a sense of peace.
    Right now I am needing God’s strength more than ever. With the wedding coming up, Kyle’s plans for next school year, moving, working full-time, etc, I find that the time I spend in God’s word is where I draw my strength and sense His peace. He instructs us “Come to Me, ALL who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” He promises that to us, if we just come! We are so blessed.

  3. These verses are quoted in the Casting Crowns song “Love Them Like Jesus”….not only has it helped me through tough times, but it helps me to help others when we love like He does.

  4. Great idea…thanks!

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