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Chapter Nine-Questions for Reflection and Application

Let’s do something a little different. If you have any personal reflections on chapter nine, verses 14-38, simply post them.  What I want you to do is focus on verses 35-38 and its meaning for the church. First click on the link SCRIPTURAL COMPASS and read something I have posted on another blog.

1. We have already said Matthew 9:35-38 has been called The Everyday Commission

As you look at the model of Jesus carrying out his mission in everyday practice, we ask ourselves … how can I be about my Father’s Vision 24/7?

2.  Another question is how do we cultivate the art of “seeing people and seeing their need?”

3.  Why is compassion at the heart of Christian discipleship?

4.  Why is it so important to pray for God to raise up workers, as opposed to simply doing itself or raising a group of volunteers to tackle the issue?

5.  How did God “raise you up” as a worker in His harvest field?


  1. #2: I believe the art of “seeing people and their needs” comes from our own spiritual journey and being able to take the focus off ourselves and focus on God’s kingdom. God wants EVERYONE to be a part of His kingdom. If we take the blinders off and focus on the world around us, we begin to see others and their potential needs. By enlarging our territory, we need to be silent and listen to God’s prompting and OBEY the prompting when we hear it.

  2. How do you HEAR a prompting from God?

  3. I was asked years ago to “help” teach the preschoolers. My first thought was “No. I am not able to do that. I can’t teach – what could I possibly have to offer these kids.” I was asked again and agreed to “shadow” the teacher to EASE in. It’s not what could I offer, but what could this experience do to being glory to God.
    At first it was difficult and I was afraid of “messing up” and not being able to answer their questions. I enjoyed it and continued teaching up until a couple of years ago. I have taught preschool, K-2. The kids have so much to offer! I learned so much from THEM. They don’t require perfection…..they want you to be real and sincere. I am feeling a prompting to return to teaching, which I really want to do! Had I lived with my fear and stayed in my comfort zone, I couldn’t have grown in my faith.

  4. If I am silent, I hear a “thought”. Sometimes I just ignore it. I’ve been prompted the past couple of days to send a card to a certain church member. I finally said, “Okay, God. I will.” I don’t hear a voice, just a subtle thought and after I obey, I feel a sense of peace.

    • I agree with you Gail that seeing others’ needs requires us to take the focus off ourselves. That is really hard to do, but on the rare occasions that I truly look and listen to another, and feel empathy for them, there is a pretty amazing connection that happens. I wonder if this is a little like what it will be like in heaven, living as brothers and sisters in Christ.
      I really like the ways God speaks shared in Experiencing God. Henry Blackaby says that God speaks through Prayer (Holy Spirit), His Word, circumstances, and other Christians. I found that to be so true when I went to work for CeF. I didn’t really want another job, but I felt God’s presence so strongly in the club, I knew I wanted to be involved. God spoke to me through the lessons, which are completely Bible based. Then other volunteers started telling me I would be a good District Team Leader, and I would say, “probably someday”. I had a feeling whenever I went there for materials that I would one day work there. In 5 or 10 years maybe. My Bible readings seemed to focus on evangelism more and more. And people from my time working at School Dist. of Lancaster kept popping up. When the director finally asked if I would consider applying for the position to oversee the city schools, it was pretty clear that God was speaking. The timing was also an indication: they asked one week after Joe’s grandmother died, and I would not have been able to do it while she was living. Since Joe had quit his job to care for Pop, I knew he would be home for Emma. I was afraid and hesitant to obey, but it has been an amazing experience that has really changed me! I’m so glad I did!

  5. #4 I think it is important to pray for God to raise up workers because more workers can reach more people than one worker can. No one can do it all alone, except God. Knowing that we need help keeps us humble. And being able to work with a team of Christian brothers and sisters builds unity.
    Raising a group of volunteers might tackle the issue, but if they are not motivated by a call from God, they will not be totally committed or effective. God is in charge, and I believe He will move in the people He chooses to do a job, if we let Him.

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