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Early Morning Questions from Matthew

It’s early Monday morning (around 12:50) and I am inexplicably awake. I came to my computer and looked at the site, and I realized there was reflection question I wanted to pose to you. In Matthew 5:20, the Voice translates the text in this way: “And this is one reason I have come to you, beloved–to make you righteous, through and through.” What does that mean? How true is that for us? Are we cooperating with God’s desire to make us righteous, through and through?  Just a question. Like all good discussion leaders, I’ll let you share your reflections before I share mine.  While you’re at it, Matthew 5:48 reads: “But you are all called to something higher, ‘Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.” What do you understand that to mean and how have you experienced this at work in your life?


3 Responses to “Early Morning Questions from Matthew”

  1. I believe both of these passages to mean that our lives are a constant work in progress. The Holy Spirit is working in us; showing us where we need to grow; teaching us how to humble ourselves before our heavenly Father; and finally giving us the desire and the strength to cooperate with the things God wants to “perfect” in us. In my own life I feel as though that is a constant thing. Even areas where God has dealt with me before; He is now showing me that I have grown but I can reach higher and love more completely.

  2. Someone has said that while you are living you never stop learning and never stop growing. In the Churches of God we have always called the process of perfecting, progressive sanctification. God gives us a new nature upon conversion–an instantaneous thing but then begins the work of perfecting the person, making us more like Jesus day by day.

  3. I agree with Maria that this is a constant process. Just when I feel I have really grown in one area of my life, I see that so much more is possible! To be righteous “through and through”, in every part of my being, is impossible while I live on earth. But there are brief moments, glimpses of what can happen when I surrender fully to God’s will and focus on someone other than myself. Things like giving time to someone in need, in a way that really touches their life even though it may inconvenience mine. Or seeing someone connect with God and feel His love for the first time. Or the fulfillment of just sitting and listening to God tell me how He loves me through His word, a song, or a sudden thought. These are the things that make me strive to be more obedient, because such joy comes from even my weak obedience. They remind me that there is something higher than my own thoughts or will.

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